Alternative Technologies, run by Craig Powell (CNE), is a computer hardware, software and technology provider focused on delivering reliable and cost effective SME business solutions.

Its mission is to establish long-term relationships with customers and attain a premier market position built on a solid reputation for technical ability, aftersales, quality and innovative solutions.


Repairs, upgrades sales and support of most major brands of computer hardware.











Sales and support of a wide range of main stream software solutions and a host of cost effective open source alternatives.




Network cabling using Wireless, Copper and fibre optic. Sales and support of a large range of networking hardware, operating systems, remote and broadband access and management controls.


Remote Connectivity

Sales, support and implementation of remote connectivity solutions enabling companies to securely incorporate remote branches across the Internet.


Virus and Hack Removals

Support and installation of firewalls and anti-virus solutions.



Systems Implementation & Administration

Sales and support of work group and client server environments both virtual and physical.  Software compliance audits.


Key Products & Brands

eset, eScan, Kaspersky , TSPlus, Windows Server, Windows operating systems, MS Office, Visio, MS Projects, pfSense, Anubis Proxy, Linux, Samba, Apache2, VSFTP, AnubisSMTP, Postfix, Dovecot, Proxmox, Vsphere ESX, Virtual Box, Parallels

HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Supermicro, Lenovo, Proline, Planet , Trendnet , D-Link, Netgear, Western digital, Seagate, Samsung, LG, APACER, Intel, Logitech, MSI, Lexmark, Canon, Epson, Dicota, Acer, Kingston, Adata, APC

As business partners to a number of local and foreign vendors, Altec is able to supply main stream products which are backed by large pools of expertise.

In addition to selling a wide range of computer hardware, software and solutions, Altec offers support services to customers at competitive hourly rates or via Service Level Agreements.

The all citizen technical department is made up of 6 computer technicians who are passionate about IT.  Providing the support infrastructures behind this team is a dedicated 2 man helpdesk as well as an administration and accounting department.  With strategic business partners in Francistown, Altec has a physical presence in both the South and North of the country.  Leveraging remote technologies, Altecs border-less support and customer base extends as far as Tanzania and Mozambique. 


In 1993 Signet Services opened as a computer hardware, software and technology focused company.  Within 10 years Signet became a leading Sage Pastel business partner in Botswana and ranked within the top 10 International business partners. 

In 2005 Signets innovative technical department developed a server product from Open Source systems which it called the "Signet Office Server" or SOS.  The server was a cost effective alternative to the likes of Novell Netware 3.1x and Windows NT and it was bundled with a host of services including web server, FTP server, firewall, internet content filtering and secure file sharing for Windows and Apple Mac environments. The server name evolved over time to become known as SOZ.

At its height of deployment, there were numerous deployments of SOZ around Botswana servicing hundreds of LAN workstations.



In 2009 the ICT department broke away from Signet Services (Pty) Ltd to form a 100% citizen owned company called House of SOZ (Pty).  This enabled the technical department to service a wider spectrum of the IT market while still providing Signets Pastel customers with a one stop shop experience.  Over time and by virtue of having integrated many Microsoft systems with open source alternatives the company eventually adopted the trading name of "Alternative Technologies".

While SOZ servers are still used by a number of organizations and even a few schools, the SOZ project gave way to smaller server projects which took a more modular approach to features offered from within SOZ.  Coupled with virtualization technologies, Altec now has the flexibility to custom fit solutions around existing SME technologies creating best of breed hybrid environments.